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Your company’s technology needs are unique. Grassroots Advisors helps you determine those needs and handles every aspect of building your IT infrastructure. Once your computer network is in place, we provide continual monitoring and backup so that your company is protected at all times.


We build our industry’s best practices into every aspect of our services. Our experienced IT Professionals provide computer services and, when needed, hardware and software that keep things running smoothly. Why complicate your business by having several companies monitoring various aspects of your business when Grassroots Advisors can do it for you?

IT Procurement -- Let us help you find the items you need for your business to run smoothly. Through our partnerships, we have several sources for the leading brands in IT.  

Grassroots Advisors has access to over 500,000 hardware and software items.  The majority of our clients take advantage of our knowledgeable procurement staff and simply hand off the project.  Years of experience accessing hardware and software needs for hundreds of clients large and small has led to an expertise level that is hard to top.  Our procurement team will offer detailed specifications, availability and the ability to negotiate pricing on your behalf, allowing your IT staff to focus on the jobs they were trained to perform. 


Some customers choose to use the online store in order to purchase the most common items, such as toners, batteries, mice, keyboards etc.  If you would like to explore the online store and explore the over 500,000 items that are available for order, please use the following credentials to access the store as a guest.


Online Store, User Name:, Password:  Grassroots20

*Please note that in order to place an order and in many cases have special pricing assigned to your account you would need have an account set up.  Please go to our Contact Us page and submit a request for a new account.  We will contact you promptly with detailed information on our procurement program.

Site Survey -- Not sure what exactly you need? Wondering if what you already have can be upgraded? Maybe you're not sure where to start. That's where we come in. Grassroots Advisors capable staff will work with you to determine the technology needs for your office environment. Not only will we evaluate your current needs, we'll help you develop a long term plan for your technology to accommodate the growth of your business....making sure your equipment is compatible and expandable.


What are some of the reasons you choose Grassroots Advisors to assist you with your hardware / software procurement?

"Business Honesty from the Products to Pricing

Support – Pre Sales Technical Advice, Sales Prices and Quotes, After Sale – Returns Warranty Replacement, Billing etc.

Business Communications- All forms for Conducting Business, Email, Web, Telephone etc.

They respond…"


 On a scale of 1-10, (10 being the best) how would you rate the level of customer service at Grassroots Advisors?

"10 – They always communicate back to you as a Customer, all issues are handled timely honestly and the most professional manner. This is truly what sets them apart."


If you were to recommend Grassroots Advisors to another company or individual, how would you describe Grassroots Advisors?

"Good Product (Prices), Better Service, Great Support"


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